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Travelling to Bali from Sydney:

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Renowned for being the island of a thousand temples, Bali never fails to impress with its many attractions, beaches, and exotic wildlife. It is a destination with an all-round appeal. Whether you’re a solo traveller, family, couple or retired, Bali has virtually everything to lure you in. There’s no denying the fact that first-time visitors to Bali flock to the beaches. Beach life here is vibrant and colourful. However, there’s more to Bali than the beaches.

Where to Go:

As a popular island destination rich in culture, history and natural beauty, there is something for people of all ages. The island is home to countless lovely attractions that anyone can enjoy. Animal lovers should not miss a chance to visit Ubud Monkey Forest, natural habitat to several monkey species. Here you will found hundreds of playful monkeys.

Culture enthusiasts will find the Uluwatu Temple appealing. Visitors can learn more about the local customs and get entertained by the traditional dance and drama performances during the majestic sunset hours.

Another interesting place to visit is Seminyak, a vibrant neighbourhood on the island. This area boasts a wide range of stores, boutiques, and retail shops. Not only that, but this neighbourhood also features magnificent beaches lined up with bars and restaurants offering great entertainment activities far deep into the night.

Check out the Tanah Lot Temple, a cultural and religious landmark that has gained a lot of reputation for its natural beauty. The amazing backdrop offers a wide range of photo opportunities, especially during sunset.

Get your hands on some locally made, authentic products including souvenirs and art pieces at the Ubud Art market, home of local artists.

Where to Stay:

There is no shortage of accommodation options in Bali for budgets of all types. From affordable accommodation to luxury hotels and villa, Bali is indeed a home of hospitality. Some of the options available include hostels, hotels, luxury resorts, villas, private rentals and homestays.

Some of the best areas to stay, include Kuta the most popular tourist area in Bali; Seminyak, a peaceful spot with plenty of great bars, beaches and shopping; Sanur, one of the oldest tourist towns in Bali; and Ubud, a relaxed mountain town known for its rich culture and heritage.

Make yourself at home and choose one of these many beautiful places to stay in Bali.


Virtually everybody comes to Bali to shop, and even if you’re not a shopaholic, you’ll be tempted to pick a few items to take back home with you. Bali shopping introduces you to a treasure trove of antique furniture, jewellery, handicrafts, arts, dyed fabrics, souvenirs and many more. Art markets are a great place for souvenirs and bargain hunters.

If you’re looking for a more modern shopping scene, check out the beautifully designed air-conditioned malls. Whatever your shopping needs, Bali has got you covered!

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